A heartfelt thank you goes to all the singers in the Choral Society.  Their musicianship, friendship, love of singing, hard work and good humor forms a very special bond of love and family.  Without them there would be silence; with them there is that most sublime of all gifts: music!

Members of the Chorus


Melissa Ann Bolling                 Marilynn Cullison                Diana Hannon

Joanne Kopanski                     Laura Leblanc                      Shirley LeBoeuf     

Patricia Leslie                          Mary Mathusek                    Beth Maun

Sandra Schlirf                          Carol Scull                            Lindsay Williams

Sheryl Woodbury                     Sandra Yearick



Charlton Breeden                    Mary Helen Casey                 Cindy Erexson 

Judy Fitzpatrick                       Terry Gibb                             Karin Glander

Nanette Jones                          Melissa Kenward                 Debby Marsh   

Debra Pylypiw                          Lynn Rouse                          Deanna Scroggs

Frances Sutton                         Virginia Ann Sutton             Donna Winkler

Marilyn Zmoda  



Gerald Albright                         Larry Hughes                       Erick Myers

Richard Montfort                     James Parato                       Steven Stump II     

Sandra Yankwich    



Tom Cullison                            Dave Johnson                       Jim Norman    

Fred Reindl                              Wayne Robey                         Joe Stroud

Kenneth Yearick                      Richard White

Thank you to our top sponsors!

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