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Update: All CCCS rehearsals and concerts have been cancelled until further notice. We hope to return in Spring 2021 pending current health situations.

Greetings to all the singers and friends of the Crystal Coast Choral Society. I do hope you are staying safe and healthy as we all navigate the treacherous seas of the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic. It seems that choral music is facing especially difficult times. This concerns not only choral organizations like the Crystal Coast Choral Society but also church choirs and congregational singing. I’ve been closely following the scientific research and straying in close contact with my colleagues throughout the country through various professional choral music organizations to which I belong. The great majority of opinion is that currently and for the foreseeable future it is simply not safe to gather in groups to sing. The singers themselves are at risk as are any potential audience members if we did indeed present a concert. Although we could all wish things were different, all these are facts that we need to accept and work through together.

With all this in mind the Board of Directors and I have reluctantly decided to cancel the entire fall 2020 season of the Crystal Coast Choral Society. There will be no rehearsals nor will there be any concerts.

This is an evolving situation and we hope things may change. We’ll be monitoring the research and continuing in correspondence with other choral organization throughout the country. As fall 2020 approaches we’ll evaluate the possibilities of a concert in spring 2021 with rehearsals starting in January. Any decisions will be shared on the Choral Society website.

All of us who love choral music are deeply troubled by what’s happening. The joy of coming together as a chorus to learn and perform great music is currently on hold. The happiness of gathering as an audience to hear wonderful singing is not yet possible. However, I believe in my heart that “this too shall pass” and we will all be together again as a choral music family, both singers and audience. I hope and pray that it is soon.

In the meantime, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I miss you as individual friends, as a wonderful community chorus, and as our loyal audience members. It has been an absolute honor and joy to have had the privilege of being the Choral Society Music Director for nearly 30 years. We’ll weather these rough seas together and come singing into safe harbor sooner than we think.

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